Our Mission

Doing the right things for the right reasons.

Atlas is a Non-Profit Charity
Atlas Initiative Group, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt charity organized under state and federal laws of the United States, and endeavors to help humanity free itself from monetary drivers that prevent humanity from doing the right thiing for our future. 100& of of our support to fund our operation is from people like you (the general public) and 100% of all donations goes to fund the cause with no paid psoitions in the nearly 10 years history of research and operartions.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Atlas Initiative Group (Atlas City Project) is to educate, research, design, plan and build Atlas City in America, providing a peaceful transition model from a monetary based system economy to a resource based system economy demonstrated through an advanced city which will maximize technology and automation to reduce demand on human labor while providing the highest standard of living for its participants.

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Atlas Initiative Group is to embrace a new way of living that demonstrates to the world how a peaceful transition can be made from the monetary system to a highly technological resource based economic system. Motivated by the opportunities for an improved human condition and personal growth, our social evolution allows humanity to remove greed and poverty and replace it with a society that cares for everyone. By creating a technologically advanced society, individuals will excel and focus on caring for each other, providing a high standard of healthcare, education, housing, transportation, and food while encouraging the pursuit of innovation, personal growth and pleasure as individuals work towards improving humanity. Atlas City will produce high quality products that will enable its citizens to enjoy a high standard of living by intelligently using resources to provide for the well being, recreation and continual improvement of the human condition. We encourage those who share our vision to join with us to embrace this peaceful transition and way of life.

The Atlas Initiative Group is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an American Resource Based Economic Society Prototype. Atlas City will be built in America with state of the art technology and while it will exist surrounded by the monetary system, within the city it relies completely on a non-monetary system. The Atlas Initiative Group is working on the project, as any other project, planning the requirements, location, and roll out steps. This city will function as a protoype for a resource based concept and will be large enough to be fully functional and operational meeting the objectives of a non-monetary system to usher in a new way of human existence. All work on the city is voluntary and those who beleive this is our future, are rewarded with the knowledge that they are contributing to Atlas City and the future inteligent existence of mankind. 

To get involved, please contact the Atlas Initiative Group, where your time and skills can be applied towards this great accomplishment to end homelessness, medical neglect, natural resource abuse and starvation. You can assist us refactoring society with a complete redesign of our culture to form a new society improving our human condition.